Al Rawi Branding & Launch

Who and when
Client: Tetra
Date: April 2018

What and why
Al Rawi means “the narrator”, when we were approached to develop a brand for a café/concept store that is ideal for wanderers, connoisseurs and the curious, we developed a personality inspired by the name instead.

The execution saw the story of Al Rawi told by this suave and passionate narrator; an image solidified when paired with the literary-oriented logo and visuals. The experience was taken a step further with attention to detail into every collateral the brand uses. The placemats had crosswords, the cups had a manifesto, the packaging had quirky messages and gift items were designed from heart to heart. This created a living story for the brand, one that is constantly being written as people come and go.

The announcement of the brand launch saw an online teaser campaign that extracted elements from the manifesto and overtook everyone’s social media stories. The final reveal featured the full video leading the way for a 360 communication. Today anyone can visit Al Rawi and indulge in a cozy haven curated for literature enthusiasts from around the world.