Al Qasba Parking Wrap

Designing a visual and narrative for the parking area.

Who and when
- Client: Al Qasba, Sharjah
- Date: April 2016

What and why
When you’re a venue as big as Al Qasba, you’re going to have a parking area to match. You could brand the surroundings with all the food and retail outlets that are within, or you could get creative.

That’s exactly where Hatch came in. Collaborating with Sajid Shaikh, an Indian illustrator for the characters, the parking panels were covered in brightly illustrated scenes of Al Qasba. While the color palette stayed true to Al Qasba’s guidelines, the style was unique to the location.

The artworks spanned four blocks and depicted the various experiences and activities Al Qasba offers, forming a streamlined and connected narrative, whichever way visitors walk.