Maraya Art Centre

Designing and rebranding the Maraya Art Centre.

Who and when
- Client: Maraya Art Centre, Sharjah
- Date: September 12, 2014

What and why
Originally established in 2006 as the Maraya Art Gallery, the Centre heard the calling to meet the UAE’s growing demand for public art and work spaces. So, in 2010, it relaunched itself as the Maraya Art Centre with a whole new visual identity.

Maraya Art Centre wanted its new look to be bold, modern and clean, with just the right amount of edge. We worked together to rebrand the Centre and brought it to life, staying true to the brand’s personality. The project aimed to develop a unique and intriguing dialogue between different views, cultures, age groups and backgrounds, the graphical language and brand strategy is creative, contemporary, experimental and educational.

The Centre’s iconography system is derived from Maraya’s name and the core of the brand. The main icon combines the English letter “M” and the Arabic م (meem). All the signage follows suit. The design philosophy evolved from the reflections of symmetrical lines within a space, which in Maraya’s case is a transparent square.

The branding was built to be open and inviting, making the Maraya Art Centre a go-to hub for like-minded creative people to develop and explore the world of art.